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2015 Energy Code

2015 Washington State Energy Code.

The State of Washington is adopting more efficient energy standards as of July 1, 2016. This is what we refer to as the “2015 Energy Code”.

The history of these energy code changes is this: About 2006 The Washington State Legislature adopted a new law that would in the next 20 years require all new homes to be 70 percent more energy efficient than in 2006. As you can see and imagine, that was and is a very aggressive goal.

To achieve this goal, every three years the energy standards become more stringent. The last code cycles have had us upgrading the insulation, using more energy efficient windows, More efficient HVAC systems and duct leakage testing, whole home air leakage testing and many other changes.

Every 3 years we then have to determine the best way to meet the new codes in a cost efficient manner. This code cycle, the major changes to our larger homes will be adding duct-less heat pumps as standard, adding a heat pump style water heater, low flow plumbing fixtures, as well as some other energy calculations and insulation upgrades. While these will be our standards, you can consult with us on other ways to meet these requirements.

In the future the homes will again be required to be more energy efficient. This will be achieved through things such as more and different insulation, ducted fan heat exchangers, solar and even newer technologies. While this is a good thing for the home owner because the home will become even more energy efficient, these changes will add cost to any home submitted for a building permit after July 1, 2016.


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