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Are your homes Energy Star certified?

We would love to build you an Energy Star Certified home. We are certified to do so. However, to build and get certified, it takes a pretty large commitment from the builder and the home owner.  Most appliances need to be certified Energy Star.  Also it requires upgrading to very high level and expensive heating and ventilation systems.  We do utilize the best practices when building our homes.  We follow the Energy Star guidelines in most areas.  One area we excel in is that we own our own building envelope testing equipment and every home exceeds requirements.  If you want your home to meet the Energy Star certification level – ask us, and we can create a program that will qualify.


The Washington State 2018 Energy Code Changes are now delayed until February 1, 2021! Please visit the page at Plans/2018 Energy Code to see how these changes may affect your new home cost.